Network Test Automation done right!
Network Test Automation should not be hard! Zipline Test Suite simplifies your Test Automation by eliminating the need to write scripts
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Automate your Network Tests using Zipline

Zipline automatically captures your test activities as you execute your tests. Later, you can execute the tests simply by clicking on it.

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Zipline works with any device

Any network device that supports telnet or ssh protocols can be used with Zipline Test Suite.

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Drive Down Costs

No more scripts! No more countless hours spent maintaining and debugging spaghetti code.

Extensive Feature Set

Capture/Replay Testcases, insert test checkpoints, repeat test actions, save/export testcase – just to name some of the features Zipline supports.

Happy Engineers

Zipline removes repetitious script development and maintenance. So engineers spend more time solving interesting problems.

Measurable Impact on Productivity

See for yourself as you improve project velocity and drive down inefficiencies.

What does Zipline Test Suite do?

Zipline Test Suite allows you to automate your testcases without having to write any scripts. Zipline monitors the device interactions and automatically converts your test actions into testcases that you can later execute at a click of a button.

Will Zipline work with my device?

Zipline uses the standard Telnet or SSH protocols to communicate with the device under test. As long as the device supports either Telnet or SSH, you should be able to use Zipline to automate your testcases.

Can I install Zipline on my laptop?

Absolutely. Zipline Test Suite is a self-contained tool that has no external dependencies. It can be installed on any computer with at least 4 GB RAM and 20 GB of free disk space.

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