10. Zipline Web Server

10. Zipline Web Server

Web Interface Workflow

Zipline offers four types if user interfaces

  • Graphical user interface
  • Web interface
  • Telnet interface
  • Python interpreter interface

The web-based interface, telnet interface or the python interpreter interface could come in handy in case you are not at your desk and would like to start a testcase execution. Zipline Automation suite would have to be running on your workstation for the these interfaces to be enabled. In order to access these remote interfaces, select the ‘Start Zipline Server’ checkbox when you start the Zipline Automation suite.

The web-based interface can be used to initiate testcase execution. Use any web browser and type in the URL as shown below:


To view the testcase execution session logs, click on View Web Logs button in the Replay area. You can view the Foreground and the Background session logs.