8. Zipline Python Interface

8. Zipline Python Interface

Python Interpreter Interface Workflow

Zipline offers four types if user interfaces

  • Graphical user interface
  • Web interface
  • Telnet interface
  • Python interpreter interface

The Zipline python interface can be accessed using a telnet client. Type in the following command.

telnet 4446

Use the same set of credentials that you use with the graphical user interface.

Zipline presents a python interpreter interface to the logged-in user. You can execute the usual python commands on this interface.

In addtion, the Zipline python interface wraps the testcase execution functionality within a ntReplayConfig command. Type in the following command to begin executing a particular testcase using the python interpreter interface.

ntReplayConfig.startTestcase(, , , , , )

The testcase execution logs can be viewed using the View CLI Logs button in the Replay area.