9. Zipline Scheduler

9. Zipline Scheduler

Scheduler Workflow

Zipline Scheduler schedules test-groups (which is a collection of testcases) to begin execution at a specific time in future. To access the scheduler, navigate to the Test Scheduler area in Zipline. You can perform the following operations in the Test Scheduler area.

  • Create, Edit, Delete a test-group
  • Schedule, Edit, Delete a Replay Task by specifying the test resources and the scheduled time
  • Manage (Pause, Resume) the Test Scheduler

To create a new test-group, click on the Create Test Group button. This will take you to the Create Test Group wizard.

Specify a name for the test-group. Select the testcase that you wish to add to the test-group.

Before you add the testcase to the new test-group, you will be prompted to specify a repeat-count for the selected testcase. You can configure the test-group to execute a testcase multiple times.

The selected testcase gets added to the list of testcases that form the test-group. The repeat-count for the selected testcase is also displayed.

Click on Save Group to save the test-group configuration.

A Task is a scheduled test-group. To create a Task, navigate to the Test Group Scheduler tab in the Test Scheduler area. Click on Create Task button to trigger the Add Task wizard.

Specify the test-group to be scheduled, the testbed on which to execute the selected test-group, the DUT version that is being tested and the future date/time when the selected test-group should be executed. If a previously scheduled task is still running when a new task is scheduled to begin execution, Zipline delays the execution for the new task and waits for the previously scheduled task to complete execution.

You can view the scheduled task in the list of tasks. The current status of the task is ‘Scheduled’. The scheduled date & time is also displayed in the table.

If Zipline Automation suite is not running at a particular task’s scheduled date & time, the task will not be executed and the status of the task will be marked as ‘Expired’ whenever Zipline Automation suite is started later.

When the scheduled date & time arrive, Zipline scheduler commences execution for the task and its status is marked as ‘Running’. To view the session logs for the test-group being executed, navigate to the ‘Scheduler Foreground’ and ‘Scheduler Background’ tabs in the Test Scheduler area.

Once the task completes, its status changes to ‘Complete’. You can view detailed reports about the testcases that were executed in the Report area.

You can pause or resume the Zipline scheduler. This could come in handy if you need to rewire the testbed, or replace a faulty component but do not wish to rerun the entire test-group. Navigate to the Manage Scheduler tab in the Test Scheduler area to access these functions.